Every fiction writer has strong points and weak points. Maybe you think up some great plots, but you struggle with believable dialogue. Maybe you think up some fascinating characters, but aren’t sure what to do with them. It might be worth considering collaboration with someone whose strong points and weak points dovetail with yours. When … More Collusion

Blocked? Go around

As the author of 469 books (more or less*), Isaac Asimov didn’t seem to have a problem with writer’s block. Why not? Here’s what he had to say in a 1989 interview: “I could easily have writer’s block by working on only one thing. You get tired of working on something, something sticks you, and … More Blocked? Go around

Fresh gibberish

Good editors help their clients to write clearly. At least they try to. Unfortunately, some clients dislike the simple, declarative sentence. This can be especially true with business executives who want to brag about how wonderful their companies are. They’ve been tricked into thinking that dense, convoluted sentences convey a kind of corporate gravitas. Or … More Fresh gibberish

Naming names

If you are writing fiction and having trouble making up character names, take a cue from people who have had to name themselves in real life. It’s hard for a cowboy to swagger into a saloon when his name is named Marion Morrison. But once he changed it to John Wayne, he sounded like he … More Naming names