How it works

You are the expert in your subject. I am the expert in writing and editing. Together, we’ll craft a product that works hard for you.

Once we know the scope of the work involved, we’ll write out an agreement of the tasks to be done, who will do which ones, and by when. I always strive to set schedules that respect your time and mine. Depending on the project, the agreement might be in a simple exchange of e-mails or set down in a formal contract.

While I always try to make a strong case for my editing recommendations, you are free to accept or reject any of them. You are the author, the person with final responsibility for the content.

For most projects, the only software you’ll need is plain old Microsoft Word. For long and complex projects such as a business book, we may want to use a software tool designed for that purpose, such as Scrivener. While there’s a learning curve involved, you’ll benefit on the back end by being able to more easily keep everything organized.

You’ll get one or more invoices based on the schedule we have worked out.

Now you’re probably wondering what all this will cost you. Click the Rates page and you’ll get a good idea.