Frequently asked questions

Q: What kinds of writing do you edit?

A: My core strength is business editing, though I also have worked in other nonfiction areas. Business editing can include material for the company itself, such as business plans, white papers, case studies, company histories, newsletters and websites. It also can include articles for publication outside the business such as in trade journals. Many independent consultants have found that writing a book can be a great tool to market their expertise.

Q: Are you an expert in my subject area?

A: First, make sure you really want an expert. If your material is intended for an audience of experts, you need an expert to edit it. If you are writing for anyone else, you want an editor who can stand in for your non-expert audience and see the subject as they might. However, it does help to choose an editor who has some familiarity with your subject area.

Q: So, what areas are you familiar with?

A: I’ve written and edited material on accounting, architecture, banking and finance, biotechnology, commercial real estate, communications, construction, data centers, economic development, energy, executive search, family-owned businesses, green business, healthcare, higher education, hotels, insurance, interior design, law, manufacturing and distribution, museums, nonprofits, patents and trademarks, personal finance, philanthropy, retailing, risk management, security, small business, tourism, transportation and venture capital.

Q: Will you fact-check my information?

A: You are responsible for the factual content of your material.

Q: What will you do that my spell-check software can’t?

A: If you use the wrong word, it won’t help that you spelled it correctly.

Q: OK, but I have grammar-check software too.

A: I’ve seen horrible writing that was grammatically flawless.

Q: Will you publish my business book?

A: I’m an editor, not a publisher.

Q: Will you find a publisher for me?

A: No. For that you need an agent.

Q: Will you write my term paper for me?

A: Of course not.

Q: How easy is it to reach you?

A: I answer my own phone, and I’m available throughout the day on e-mail and Skype.

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