That’s all he wrote

I know a novelist who is a real seat-of-the-pants writer. When she starts creating a new book, she doesn’t know were it will go. She just keeps writing until the story emerges. And when she feels like she’s reached the end, she stops.

She often has to go back and prune the early sections where she was still spinning her wheels, but she usually finds a great story. She also has a good sense of when to quit. It can really take the air of a great story when the author sticks around too long.

I’ve never been able to work free-form like that. When I started this blog in 2015, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted it to be. I wanted to present a practical approach to working with language, and I wanted to serve it up in easily digestible bites. I think it worked.

Now I’ve reached the point when it’s time to stop. Life is dragging me in a different direction, one that won’t let me give the blog the small bit of attention it deserves.

But all of the archives will stick around for a while. Please browse through them. I won’t claim that they get better with age, but I don’t think they have gotten stale either.

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